Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens

The Chihuly installment at the Denver Botanic Gardens is devastatingly beautiful. During a visit with my family in the opening hours of the morning, we were taken aback with our first steps into the garden. Sure we'd seen friends posting pictures from their camera phones on Facebook and heard the buzz about how amazing this exhibit is, but nothing could prepare us for our first moments walking in.

Like kids in a candy store, we floated from one sculpture to another in awe and taking in the sheer beauty, admiring the work that went into creating each and every one of the stunning pieces of glass. Chihuly created pieces utilizing every color of the rainbow. The children were constantly looking up with wonder as the flowers and glass towered above them. 

Dale Chihuly, an amazing glass artist and the center of all conversations during our visit. Some of the comments we overheard were, "I heard they broke quite a few during the installation," and curious questions like, "how does he do it?" I can only imagine the time and skill required to put on a show like this one. Even more amazing is the amount of similar exhibitions around the globe. Chihuly is an international success. 

The exhibition is continuing at the Denver Botanic Gardens through October and November as well as night tours starting in October. This is definitely an exhibit worth seeing again under a different light. For more information about Chihuly visit or buy tickets for Denver Botanic Gardens here:



  1. Carrie, I am blown away by your whole blog! The images were so captivating and your description of the experience, as well as the dialogue of others was intriguing. It made me wonder how much the damaged exhibit pieces cost to replace. Bottom line is it made me think and ask more questions, which is always good. I am going to have to go experience this exhibit for myself very soon! Thank you for this beautiful display of color and imagery in both photography and words.
    -Liz T.

    • Thanks Liz!

      I must admit that it was very nerve-wracking putting it all together and trying to get it just right before I felt confident in sharing the link. I had a lot of fun too. I’ll definitely be going back to visit in the evening. When I do, I will share those pictures too!

      I just noticed your reply was dated correctly but the time was incorrect. I went ahead and fixed the time-zone, so it shouldn’t be a problem later on. Sorry about that!!

  2. Carrie,

    Your blog is beautiful and your photos are amazing! your post is very well written and thank you for providing the information on where the exhibit is and how long it runs for, I really want to go and shoot some photos as well it looks like a magical experience. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you post, great job!


  3. This is amazing! I really like the clean layout on your home screen, the fact that you have to click on your topic to get to the post is so clean and minimal. What camera did you use for your photos? They are great. I have been thinking of going to this exhibit and it’s even better that it would be free for me as a member. Great job on this!

    • Hi Danielle,

      I used a Canon Rebel t3i. I think it’s a great starter camera if you are looking at DSLR cameras. I got mine from Target and they priced matched Amazon, saving me about 100 dollars and having the product right away without having to wait on shipping. I think my next camera is going to be a Nikon though. I’m glad you are inspired to go!

  4. Carrie,
    I absolutely LOVE your blog! The pictures are amazing! I may have to check out the Denver Botanical Gardens and see Chihuly! Great organization!

  5. Carrie,

    This is the best blog I’ve seen in this class. Beautiful content and a beautiful blog design. Makes me wish I had that kind of photography skill! Keep up the good work.


  6. Carrie,

    Wow! I am absolutely in love with color, clarity, and vibrancy of your pictures and writing! I love the ease of your blog’s design as well, even when it comes to the comment posting section. I love that your writing is descriptive but to the point. I definitely want to go visit the Denver Botanical Gardens now! I doubt, however, that my pictures will even begin to compare! Again, they are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Carrie,
    Congrats on making this post really stick! I saw it a while back, and when returning to your blog couldn’t help but come back to this post. I love the Botanic gardens, though I’ve only been once. And I cherish Chihuly’s artistic approach; so vibrant and colorful. Although I still hope to catch this installment before it is taken down, I feel I’ve been there at least a little, and lived that reality through your vivid pictures and descriptions.