The Living Dead in Denver

This year in Denver, zombie enthusiasts celebrated the 9th Annual Zombie Crawl on Saturday, OCT 18. Thousands of people rallied together in their best zombie attire hoping to make it a record breaking parade on the 16th Street Mall. Among the crowd were make-up artists, haunted house promoters, food and drink vendors, families of all ages and photography enthusiasts. Even the photographers could have been mistaken for the walking dead. Speaking of The Walking Dead, it was surprising to see only a few sheriffs, given the popularity of the show.

The work and creativity poured into the costume creations was apparent with every person that passed by. At times it seemed like Zombie Crawl was just an excuse for people to dress up early in their halloween costumes. Some of the best costumes worth mentioning–zombie or not, include: Jack Skellington and Sally, scary creatures from haunted houses, Michael Jackson, Umbrella Corp., the Axeman from Resident Evil and a few disney characters.

It would be interesting to see if this event grows even larger, setting another Guinness World Record and if there would be a better way to organize the masses. While the parade was scheduled to start at 4 o'clock it didn't become noticeable until about a half-an-hour later. Like most parades, people line the streets and there is a clear path for the participants to travel along–it didn't seem this way with Zombie Crawl. Many people were standing wherever and it was difficult to separate zombies from citizens. Bumping shoulders and smelling marijuana seemed to be a normal part of this event. The weather that day could be described as the perfect fall afternoon which makes it easy to see why the turnout was so great.


  1. I’m glad you brought up this unique event! Iw as out celebrating with some friends for a birthday party and as we are driving back through down-town, we saw zombies coming up the street! I had no clue that the Zombie Crawl was that weekend. Had I known, we might have planned out party around it. I’m always amazed at the amount of efforts that go into producing authentic looking costumes and make-up; it is mind-blowing to see how many participate with such great enthusiasm and you definitely captured its dark and un-dead character in your photographs.
    -Liz T

  2. That’s great that you got to go the Zombie Crawl! I’ve always wanted to go, its seems like a lot of fun! The images that you posted are great, the costumes and makeup are done very well, I think If I was a little girl I would have been scared to see all those zombies!

  3. This is an awesome event! Thank you for covering it! I think I may have to look more into this and go watch or potentially even get a group of my friends to join. Great pictures!